In today's world people expect immediate, accurate and efficient responses. 

Key to delivering this is to ensure that the systems used are configured in such a way that they don't introduce unnecessary complexity and that they provide the appropriate answers in an appropriate and timely fashion when required.

Salesforce is all about the journey of your data..

  • Data comes into the system
  • Data flows through the system
  • Data comes out of the system 

The beauty of Salesforce is its flexibility and its ability to be configured to

  • keep the data flowing
  • modify, link and enhance the data as required

Salesforce when configured properly should make the complex simple.

The two key things two keys to achieving that are

  • Understanding the possible data journey and then using the "right" bits and pieces in the Salesforce tool kit to take the data on its journey.

The more "difficult right bits and pieces" often involve smart thinking and an intimate knowlege of the product as opposed to writing code.

Manukau Road Consulting has built a reputation of delivering functionality using Salesforce without coding where others have suggested that it couldn't be done without significant coding..   

That said- there is always a place for coding - the key is knowing when to code and when not to code.