If you are committed to implementing CRM you need to consider the Nonprofit Success Pack from Salesforce.org 

There are a number of CRM offerings available for Nonprofits.  However if you have not looked at the Nonprofit Success Pack (npsp) as an option you are doing your organisation a disservice.

  • Salesforce.com is the world's #1 CRM
  • the Nonprofit Success Pack is a nonprofit extension to standard Salesforce.
  • The Nonprofit Success Pack is best implemented by people who know and understand its differences and its power.
  • If you are a registered charity you will be eligible for 10 donated and then additional heavily discounted licences after that.
  • You will become part of a 30,000 (and growing) global community of Salesforce.org organisations
  • Organisations using the NPSP  range from 2 or 3 person organisations to some of the world's largest nonprofits.
  • Manukau Road Consulting is one of New Zealand's most experienced organisations when it comes to the Nonprofit Success Pack.