Databases and Relationships.

Greg has been living and breathing customer databases since the mid 80s working internationally and locally with businesses ranging from one man bands to some of the worlds' largest organisations.  

Somethings don't change -. CRM  has always been about:

  • understanding what your customers need and want (not always the same thing)
  • understanding what you can and should provide to those customers
  • understanding the journey of  customer data through your organisation 
  • having processes and a culture in place that enables you to deliver
  • Having technologies in place that will support and enhance all of the above. .    

In the "pre internet" days the focus was on  looking for and then adapting - or even creating - technology solutions to address particular problems.  

Today lack of technology is not the issue.  The issue today is more often "Is the chosen technology delivering?"

Today's database  focus needs to be on four things

  • What are the relationships your organisation wants
  • What are the processes needed to support those relationships
  • What data is required and what does its journey look like to support those processes and relationships
  • ensuring you have access to resource that understands your processes, your data and your chosen technologies  - and can ensure that these three things are all in sync

Anyone (with a little bit of training) can implement a software package  - but not everyone can make it deliver on the above.

Manukau Road Consulting

In 2012, after many years of senior sales, marketing and management experience with Customer Management systems, Greg Devine established  Manukau Road Consulting

Manukau Road Consulting's focus is on putting Greg's  experience (historical, recent and current) to practical use assisting businesses, in particular non profits, as they move forward in a rapidly changing technology landscape.

Greg's experience means he becomes involved (if required) in multiple areas from the strategic level through to a practical focus on processes and technology to deliver results. 

  • Years of CRM delivery experience
  • Experience across a range of industries
  • Practical,hands on experience in the non profit sector
  • Extensive experience in the Insurance and Telco space
  • Years of Salesforce Administrator experience 
  • A track record as a pioneer in the introduction of technologies and concepts to the marketplace that have overtime become “no brainer” technologies in everyday business life.

Greg has the business knowledge and practical experience required to get the best out of a technology to solve a business problem. He has an ability to easily go from the highest level to a hands’ on approach as appropriate.

  • A lateral thinker able to see how alternative ideas can sometimes lead to better solutions
  • Able to deal at all levels of an organisation
  • Innovative
  • Intelligent - able to quickly grasp concepts and become proficient in new areas
  • Able to simplify complex issues down to simple processes
  • Ability to understand business problems and processes at a strategic level and relate those to a technical solution
  • Experienced and very competent with a range of productivity tools. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop and others
  • Practical experience with multiple Cloud applications including and its many add-ons