We are an existing Salesforce Customer....

We're not convinced we're maximising our investment

It would be good to have another "set of eyes" to give advice and share ideas on how we might do some things differently - or better.

We have lots of Salesforce work to do and not enough resource

We have so much to do and so little time. A flexible and highly skilled resource for a short period might just be the answer.

Our Administrator wants some targeted assistance...

Salesforce is so broad we can't expect our administrator to know ever tool and trick there is.   Any opportunity to lean more would be worthwhile.

We are a Nonprofit organisation

Our systems are holding us back

We need to do something... not quite sure where to start.....Isn't Salesforce only for large businesses?

The Nonprofit Success Pack

Saleforce.org has donated software to over 30,000 Nonprofits.

These range from very small volunteer groups to some of the world's largest humanitarian organisations.

We have a donations database.

It does a good job. Although not as flexible as we'd like, it would be too disruptive to consider replacing it.

CRM is all about processes and data

You probably have a good idea about the things you would like to be doing - your current tool may not be up to the task.

With the right help moving to Salesforce may be easier than you think.

We are implementing CRM

We've invested too much time and energy to even contemplate changing mid stream..... We just have to make it work...

What you have done isn't wasted

You have done the hard part of understanding what data you need and what process you need to manage it.. 

You will not be the first organisation to "put the brakes on" and change direction..