The Lightning Experience - when do you make the move?

  • Actually there is no "planned" end of life for Salesforce Classic.
  • Lightning is different
  • The right time to move won't be the same for every organisation or even every user within an organisation.
  • There will be a cost - not licence fees - but in resource and change mangement

Manukau Road Consulting has customers who have

  • Started with Lightning
  • Moved to Lightning
  • begun planning a move to lightning
  • put Lightning in the "We really don't have time to think about it" basket

We can

  • tell you/show you what they love about lightning
  • talk to you about what's not there yet and what are the "workarounds" 
  • we can look at your system and give candid advice about when/how you might move
  •  we can give your administrator guidance - we've been there done that.